Why Choose Pineapple?

Pineapple Property Group offers much more to our clients. It starts with offering two different management plans; so property owners can choose which is best for them. We want to show every property owner the Pineapple difference, so please look through the list below to see the extra services that we offer to our clients.

Management Plan

5% of Gross Receipts


Other Management companies will charge 10% or more. Our compensation is performance-based; if we raise your Net Operating Income by 10%, then we ask for an additional small commission after the first 12 months. This ensures we will be the hardworking partner for you and your property. 

Pineapple Measures Key Perfomance Indicators

Every month our property owners recieve a report with the following metrics, along with our financial reports. We hold ourselves to ahigh standard by measuring factors that reflect the success of your investment property. Below you will see actual averages we are doing as a company.


Unit Occupancy Rate

We track occupancy percentage over the last 12 months for each property and report it to the owners

18 hrs.

Repairs and Issue Attendance Time

Getting issues resolved fast is essential to keeping costs down. Our goal is to attend any issue arising from the property in under 24 hrs.


Cash on Cash Percentage

We know cash flow is an important aspect of your rental and we track this percentage to make sure your Cash-onCash percentage grows.


Average Net Operating Income

This is an important measure of the health of your poperty since it is used to determine the market value of your property.


Because we know how important your investment is to you.

Owner Managed Other Property
Management Company
Property Group
Monthly income & Expense Reports
Good Landlord Program Certification from City  
Assistance with Obtaining Business License  
Real Estate Related Issues Consulting  
Monthly NOI & Property value Analysis    
Monthly Cash on Cash Analysis    
1031 Exchange Analysis & Recommendations    
Yearly Homeowners Insurance bids    
Performance-Based Compensation    
Property Expenses Consulting    

Because we know good tenants make a good property.

Owner Managed Other Property
Management Company
Property Group
New Tenant Finding
Monthly Occupancy Rate Tracking & Reporting
Collection of Rents
3 different Payment Options for Tenants
Credit & Background Checks Performed
New Lease Signed Each Year
Manage Delinquent Accounts
Expense Payments & Tracking
Independent Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Because we know rental properties need constant care.

Owner Managed Other Property
Management Company
Property Group
Repair Request Management
Repair Turn-around Time Measured
Seasonal Maintenance
Remodels & Upgrades
In-House Interior Designers
Permit Liason with the City
Semiannual Safety Audtis
Independant Vendor Satisfaction Surveys
Installation of Security Equipment with Remote Access
Below Market Repair Costs
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